Phoxene designer and manufacturer of UV pulsed light decontamination modules. On this blog, you will find information on our products, our research, or more generaly on Pulsed Light sterilization. Phoxene offers compact products that can be easily integrated into equipment. Questions? A project? Contact us and benefit from the technical expertise of our teams.

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DLP-360 dans une chambre d'hôpital

Decontamination protocol adapted to hospital rooms

For a desired decontamination rate, the exposure time must be adjusted to the size of the rooms. Phoxene has developed a protocol for hospital room decontamination, here is an example[…]

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24 March 2021

Decontamination Cost per hospital room

With a €1.7 TCO (Long-term rental and maintenance services), Pulsed Light decontamination designed and manufactured by Phoxene is an economical and efficient solution.

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22 March 2021
DLP-360 Datasheet, Pulsed Light Decontamination for rooms and closed spaces

Pulsed Light Datasheet: DLP-360

Phoxene’s cart for room decontamination passed microbiological tests: 99,99% on Staphylococcus aureus

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3 February 2021
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Who is Phoxene ?

Phoxene designs and manufactures Xenon flash modules that can be integrated into scientific or industrial equipment. With an R&D team specialized in optics, electronics and mechanics, Phoxene has developed pulsed light UV flash solutions for decontamination uses.

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