Phoxene has been investing since 2016 in innovative solutions in the form of pulsed UV light source. Based on our experience in light flash technology, we have developed a first off-the-shelf offer. But our proposal, which is aimed at OEMs, is to design and manufacture sources that meet their specific needs. In this section, you will find information about our products or relevant product concepts.

2-lamp DLP-Cup, even more compact and still as efficient!

With 4 log reduction, the DLP-Cup ensures Pulsed Light decontamination of your cups and packagings.

Pulsed Light Datasheet: DLP-360

Phoxene’s cart for room decontamination passed microbiological tests: 99,99% on Staphylococcus aureus

Use case: DLP-360 in video

Phoxene, designer and manufacturer of pulsed light solutions introduces its new product, the DLP-360, a Pulsed Light Decontamination solution for rooms and closed spaces

Integrate the most compact module on the market !

DLP-Cup, the most compact Pulsed Light pot decontamination module on the market, ideal for single-track packaging machines.

Pots decontamination by Pulsed Light

The Phoxene module is optimized for the decontamination of pots from 68 mm to 110 mm: efficiency of decontamination and ease of integration.