Pots decontamination by Pulsed Light

14 October 2020 Products

The Phoxene module is optimized for the decontamination of pots from 68 mm to 110 mm: efficiency of decontamination and ease of integration.

Integrate a compact Pulsed Light module on your pot conditioning machines.

Lumière Pulsée Pot

UV decontamination of pots for food industry or cosmetics

The Phoxene module is optimized for decontamination of pots from 68 mm to 110 mm: decontamination efficiency and ease of integration. The only manufacturer in the world to offer such compact pulsed light sources, Phoxene makes this technology accessible for low-speed rotary or linear packaging machines. 100% of the light is diffused and distributed over all the internal surfaces of a pot, thus guaranteeing decontamination efficiency. Air-cooled ( see the post dedicated to cooling) can be easily integrated into slots or slots available on the line. Pulsed Light is the ideal solution to ensure pots decontamination without the use of chemical agents and without contact.

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