Hygiene, health, or food safety are at the heart of the concerns of the catering, agro-food, public reception sectors, or even the biology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Pulsed UV light can be used to treat surfaces or small volumes of liquid such as packaging, conveyors, food trays, utensils, or water tanks. In this section, discover information and elements of analysis on the uses of pulsed light.

Decontamination Cost per hospital room

With a €1.7 TCO (Long-term rental and maintenance services), Pulsed Light decontamination designed and manufactured by Phoxene is an economical and efficient solution.

2020 CFIA Innovation Awards

Pulsed Light is finally made accessible to all agro-food manufacturers, craftsmen or big names. The LPure solution adapts to single or multitrack machines, even the most compact ones, in place or in design.