Use case: DLP-360 in video

26 January 2021 Products

Phoxene, designer and manufacturer of pulsed light solutions introduces its new product, the DLP-360, a Pulsed Light Decontamination solution for rooms and closed spaces

Phoxene, designer and manufacturer of Pulsed Light solutions, introduces its new product, the DLP-360.

This fast and efficient decontamination cart is suitable for closed spaces such as hospital rooms, ambulances, waiting rooms, offices or even classrooms.


Tests carried out by an independent laboratory attest to the efficiency of DLP-360 on strains such as Staphylococcus Aureus with 99.9% decontamination in 5 minutes and 99.999% in 20 minutes, in a 16m2 room.

With its Bluetooth remote control, DLP-360 is easy to use and completely safe for handling by hygiene and maintenance workers.
With its compact size, and fitted with casters, it can be easily transported or moved within a building.

Want to learn more about DLP-360? Watch this video and contact us