Bactup, expert in microbiology

27 September 2020 Technology

To test the decontaminating effects of its UV Flash technology, Phoxene calls on an independent company with expertise in microbiology.

Phoxene’s know-how lies in its ability to design light sources whose physical parameters are optimized for the decontamination application: power, UV density, beam shape, energy density. To successfully develop its pulsed light decontamination offer, Phoxene had to call on an independent company known for its expertise in microbiology: Bactup.

The work entrusted by Phoxene is original with regard to Bactup’s core business. But we were won over by the project to develop this technology which, without mechanical or chemical action, instantly reduces the microbiological load on a surface” comments Dr. Raphael Lavenir, co-founder and CEO of Bactup.

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