UV Pulsed Light and air cooling

26 October 2020 Technology

The air cooling of the Pulsed Light modules significantly reduces purchasing and operating costs while guaranteeing perfect efficiency for firing frequencies of below 1 Hz.

Cooling UV pulsed light modules is a major challenge. It influences decontamination performance and integration constraints on industrial systems for processing jars or other packagings.

UV Pulsed Light technology involves emitting a large amount of electrical energy in a lamp which then converts it into light energy. This high power light emission induces heat build-up of the lamp and more precisely of the contacts, the electrodes and the quartz enveloppe.

It is therefore necessary to implement a cooling system to ensure that the lamp life objectives are met as well as the reproducibility of the characteristics in light emission.

Manufacturers of UV pulsed light modules generally offer a water cooling system. This is not the case with Phoxene, which implements a compact, low cost and easy to maintain air cooling system into its solutions.

Reduced purchasing and operating costs thanks to air cooling